Why Does This State Have So Many Telecommuters?

Lots of people around in the United States start their workday by booting up a computer, smart phone, or other device, but an increasing number of them are doing so without leaving their house. While you’ll find telecommuters everywhere, working in all types of industries, and for companies large and small, there’s one state where you’ll find the largest population of them. It’s not in New York, home to one of the busiest most dynamic cities on the planet, nor is it California and tech leader Silicon Valley. You may be surprised to learn that the U.S. leader in telecommuting and up and coming innovation hub is Colorado.

Colorado has highest telecommuting rate in the country | The Denver Post

Image Source: Wikimedia

Image Source: Wikimedia

“About 6.9 percent of Colorado residents telecommute full time, outpacing the national average by 2.6 percentage points, according to FlexJobs’ analysis of U.S. Census data. And at 10.6 percent, tech-friendly Boulder has one of the highest rates in the nation. Gains in technology coupled with potential cost savings are the primary drivers of the trend toward virtual, said Sara Sutton Fell, chief executive officer of Boulder-based FlexJobs, a site launched in 2007 to help job-seekers find positions with flexible hours and telecommuting options.”

Some companies that offer telecommuting have cited the advantage of accessing a greater pool of talent since physical location isn’t really a hiring factor. It’s also embraced for the reduction of real estate costs and other expenses. Still, many companies hesitate to offer the option out of fear of productivity losses. What are your thoughts on increasing telecommuting numbers in Colorado and the U.S. overall?