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What We Offer
The world keeps growing smaller as technology connects people in different states, countries and entire regions together with email, social media and phone calls. At Market Communications, we know the future of technology is still greatly invested in VOIP phones. Voice Over Internet Protocol has already made extraordinary headway in the business world, whether you have refurbished VOIP phones or advanced VOIP phones.

Market Communications is a service-based distributor of VOIP phones. We help you manage your business communications for a more reliable and connected office environment. The best VOIP phones keep offices and remote employees connected at all times. You want to be able to support your customers with VOIP phone systems for business to keep the bottom line thriving and customers walking in the door.

We work with your unique industry to design a VOIP system meant for you. Whether you run an investment brokerage or a health care center, VOIP phones make it possible to keep consumers flowing through the system swiftly.

Today’s fast-paced world doesn’t stop for missed or dropped calls. Old-fashioned telephone lines are replaced with high-speed broadband to make even 20 incoming lines feel like one. The technology is complex, but your VOIP phones feel comfortable and familiar in your hand.


Our Market
Market Communications supports large businesses with the best VOIP phones and systems. Corporations, non-profits, health clinics and other entities benefit from our expertise and customized VOIP phones.

No two businesses are alike when it comes to internal structures, even within the same industry. VOIP phones for business must be chosen carefully to ensure a proper fit with the employees and work flow.

We offer several offices across the nation to serve our customer base. We work as colleagues with our business customers to create a reliable phone system. Browse through our website to see all of today’s best VOIP phones. You can even evaluate advanced VOIP phones or refurbished VOIP phones on our website. However, many businesses appreciate a more personalized touch.

Market Communications encourages all our business colleagues to contact us through email or phone. We offer a hotline for any VOIP phones services needed. There is always a learning curve with any new VOIP phones for business, so contact us at any time with VOIP phones questions.

If you’re close to an office, drop by to clear up any questions. You’ll appreciate our quick response to your inquiry, making even advanced VOIP phones feel easy to use.

VOIP Phone Systems

Why Purchase From Us
We aren’t your ordinary VOIP phones supplier. In fact, sales often take a backseat to our service commitment. Even the best VOIP phones require some time for all employees to feel comfortable with the technology.

Many other companies rely on third parties to keep their systems up and running while they concentrate on the next advanced VOIP phones sale. At Market Communications, all the VOIP phones we sell are also serviced by us.  We don’t stop our connection with you after the business is fully integrated with VOIP phones; we’ll touch base with you periodically to ensure that software and hardware are working seamlessly.

Whether you purchased refurnished VOIP phones or advanced VOIP phones, our professionals keep you current with upcoming technology. There may come a time to retire VOIP phones for the next new communication wave. Our team will keep your team trained and poised with the best VOIP phones as the years pass.

With locations throughout the world, we understand the importance of VOIP phones to a global economy. With better communication comes understanding between colleagues thousands of miles away. Using VOIP phones creates a crisp connection to avoid any missed words or phrases. Companies are built on proper communication channels using VOIP phones.

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More Information: Refurbished VOIP Phones
Our professionals know you need VOIP phones throughout your business, but the investment may be too much at this time. We offer quality refurbished VOIP phones that act and feel brand new. Market Communications tests all our refurbished VOIP phones to ensure your calls have the best quality possible.

Select from among simple models, similar to a basic multi-line phone system, to complex VOIP phones banks housing touchscreens and speakers. When you contact our offices, we’ll work with your VOIP phones budget to find the best fit. Refurbished VOIP phones are a great way to start your business with broadband connectivity without the high price tag.

VOIP Phone System

Best VOIP Phones
The best VOIP phones aren’t necessarily the most complex ones. Our team will work with your particular business to find the right VOIP phones for the workforce. For example, you may have basic office needs to support two or three facilities.

There’s no need for advanced VOIP phones to complicate the connection process. VOIP phones for business should match the comfort level of the workers. If people can’t even decipher VOIP phones to simply pick up a call, the system isn’t right for your company. From refurbished VOIP phones to advanced VOIP phones, we strive to enhance your communication, not hinder it.

VOIP Phones For Business
VOIP phones for business are critical to long-term success connecting offices, vendors and customers. VOIP phones are typically equipped with an easy-to-understand touchscreen that distributes calls to specific employees.

The best VOIP phones actually ring several lines at once. For example, VOIP phones send a call to a remote salesman’s home, mobile and office line. It’s nearly impossible for a customer not to connect with their intended contact.

You aren’t relegated to setting up this system yourself, either. Professionals can install and configure VOIP phones for your instant use. VOIP phones for business will allow you to keep up with your industry and even surpass other companies in connection success.

Advanced VOIP Phones
When you need to connect multiple facilities with VOIP phones for business, even refurbished VOIP phones, you need more complex VOIP phones. These VOIP phones hold a dozen or more lines, allowing you to transfer calls from one point to several other facilities.

The goal for VOIP phones is seamless ease for the caller. Customers don’t want to be on hold for more than a few seconds. VOIP phones make a transfer between different buildings feel like a few feet. Our VOIP phones team will create a training session geared toward your VOIP phones needs before allowing the system to go live. Your VOIP phones will perform well with our service expertise.