Is Your Cellphone The Best Way To Call For Help During An Emergency?

A lot of people feel considerably safer when they have their cell phones within reach, knowing that if an emergency were to occur, they could call for help much faster. While millions of people use cell phones to call 911 during dire moments, this method of contact isn’t always the most reliable when it comes to determining the location of an emergency. As more people get rid of their landlines and rely primarily on mobile phones, we may need to improve the way cell phones and callers notify dispatchers of location.

Cell Phones Can Make 911 Dispatchers Jobs Tougher | WBNS-10 TV

cellphone locationImage Source: Wikimedia

“Law enforcement said the accuracy of the technology that guides first responders to 911 callers can range from a few yards to several miles. The Federal Communications Commission requires cell phone providers to be accurate within 300 yards. Dispatchers said if you’re in a high rise building, cell phone technology won’t reveal to dispatchers which floor you’re calling from and if you’re calling from a large apartment complex, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific unit.” 

Did you know about the current shortcomings of cell phone technology and determining an exact location? Should more be done to inform the public of what they need to know when calling 911 from their cell phones? Could better awareness of this issue help save lives?

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