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IPC’s End-of-Life/End-of-Service Mandate For Their Alliance System Is December 31, 2017, AND…Market Communications Continues To Sign Clients To Extend Maintenance Support For Their Systems

Since 1998, Market Communications has been recognized as one of the leading alternatives for providing maintenance service and support on IPC END-OF-LIFE legacy voice trading systems. We provide move, add and change (MAC), and relocation service for any IPC voice trading system in service today.   We employ a team of customer focused, expert level professionals committed to optimizing systems life cycles through comprehensive service programs

As you now are facing End-of-Life/End-of-Service support for your IPC Alliance system and not ready to commit to a costly technology upgrade, Market Communications has solutions to extend the life of your system.

Additionally, we are strategically aligned with global partners to support your voice trading systems, Market Communications offers comprehensive service programs, recording solutions, compliance tools and new emerging voice trading technologies.  We give you the flexibility to extend the life of your legacy systems to plan, design and implement new technology on your timeline and when your budget permits.

To explore the options Market Communications can offer you for extending maintenance, support and MAC services for your legacy voice trading system, please contact us at 888.595.8880 or