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As of December 31, 2017 IPC’s End of Life/ End of Service for their Alliance and Etrali Systems Comes into Effect

As you are now facing End-of-Life/End-of-Service support for your IPC Alliance system and not ready to commit to a costly technology upgrade – Market Communications has solutions to extend the life of your system.

Since 1998, Market Communications has been recognized as the leading alternative for providing maintenance and support on IPC END-OF-LIFE legacy voice trading systems. We provide moves, adds and changes (MAC) for any IPC and Etrali voice trading system in service today. With our team of customer focused, expert level professionals we are committed to optimizing system life cycles of your systems.

Globally, we are strategically aligned with partners to support your voice trading systems.  Market Communications offers comprehensive service programs, recording solutions, compliance tools and new emerging voice trading technologies.  We give you the flexibility to extend the life of your legacy systems and to plan, design and implement new technology on your timeline and when your budget permits.

To learn how Market Communications can help you extend the service life of your IPC Alliance and/or Etrali systems, please call or email us.