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What We Offer
When you shop for IP PBX phone systems, you need customized hardware and software to handle all your calls entering a facility. Our IP PBX solutions are able to support small to large businesses, from a handful of employees to more than 100.

With a quality IP PBX server, all your voice over Internet protocol calls are routed quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a hosted IP PBX or traditional IP PBX and VOIP phone systems, Market Communications is your key to installation and service success.

We are a distributor of IP PBX devices, and we support all our customers with services until the IP PBX phone systems have run their course. Our professionals work closely with your IT department to pinpoint the right IP PBX for your needs.

Each company is unique in their particular IP PBX phone systems needs. From five to 25 lines, your business depends on a fast call pickup and transfer scenario for each call. Our hosted IP PBX and in-house IP PBX server configurations connect internal phones and remote worker lines, such as mobile phones and home offices. IP PBX connection in today’s world gives you an edge over your competitors.

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Our Market
We install IP PBX devices in almost any company around the world. Our customers are involved in large corporate mergers, health care and even smaller entities. IP PBX phone systems are critical to keep all personnel connected.

Not everyone is in a cubicle office today. IP PBX systems maintain a reliable connection through Internet protocol. There’s no need to use old-fashioned telephone lines with poor connections and slow transfers.

Our IP PBX technology enhances any business with professionalism and fast connections for customer satisfaction.  To understand the IP PBX service we provide, Market Communications has several contact methods. Email us through our website, either through IP PBX sales or IP PBX server service. Give us a call for a more personalized discussion about your IP PBX Systems needs.

Even drop by one of our international locations.Our goal is maintaining your business with quality IP PBX technology for years of successful call transfers. IP PBX phone systems are especially critical to health care facilities where life and death situations prevail. When you contact us, we treat your needs like our own. By matching an IP PBX device to your needs, we both win as colleagues in a fast-paced world.


Why Purchase From Us
Your business becomes our priority when you contact Market Communications for IP PBX information. We offer the best IP PBX server devices on the market. With complicated technology, it’s easy for an IP PBX to be configured and installed improperly.Our many years of experience make our IP PBX phone systems simple to install. We also extensively train your personnel on the new IP PBX.

If there’s a small glitch in the system, it’s preferable to have at least one employee capable of resetting the IP PBX to give calls a better flow to various lines.  Market Communications is with you the entire way as your business learns, masters and uses IP PBX for all communication needs.

If the business expands, for instance, IP PBX systems don’t need a complicated upgrade; software configurations simply need to be altered by our IP PBX professionals.  IP PBX phone systems are meant to be versatile for years of different applications. You may even add more employees to the office or at a new facility. Whether you have an internal IP PBX server or a hosted IP PBX, expansion is streamlined with our professionals at your service almost any day of the week.

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Typical IP PBX systems use a dedicated server to connect desktop computers, Internet routers, telephones and mobile phones to one call point. When customers purchase Avaya IP PBX or Asterisk IP PBX devices, their clients call in to one phone number.The call routes through the IP PBX server to various lines. The caller doesn’t hear a difference and may feel as if the call was expedited. Your IP PBX is a silent partner in business connectivity. As soon as the IP PBX routes a call to sales, for example, a customer is serviced and satisfied quickly.


Hosted IP PBX
If you have a small company with limited IT support, consider hosted IP PBX devices. This IP PBX alternative places the IP PBX server at the service provider. You don’t have a IP PBX server or IP PBX software internalized at your facility. The provider provides all the service and maintenance to the IP PBX at their location. You simply pay a certain fee to use the hosted IP PBX device.

IP PBX Phone Systems
With hosted IP PBX and traditional IP PBX systems, there are several component combinations possible for your business. We’ll evaluate your IP PBX needs to determine the perfectly sized IP PBX systems. Even if you choose a hosted IP PBX, we still determine the quantity of lines and processing power necessary to make your IP PBX calls smooth. We’ll test the IP PBX with your in-house phones and remote locations. Leaving lines untested is not acceptable at Market Communications.

IP PBX Server
When you purchase IP PBX hardware and software, you’re making an investment in your communication future. We provide IP PBX sales information, installation details and ongoing service needs.

Our IP PBX service is our pride, making your company shine even as business changes over the years. Allowing us to configure and maintain your IP PBX device gives you peace of mind for optimal communication every day.