Google Wants To Make Your Cellphone Screen-Free

Think about all the different cellphones you’ve had over the last decade. While their look may have varied greatly when phones did little more than let you make calls, text, and perhaps send an email or take a photo, now they all more-or-less look the same. It seems that the more our phones can do, the more homogenized their design. Google, however, may soon introduce the most dramatic phone design update seen in a while.  They could do so by getting rid of the cellphone’s screen–at least it will look that way.

Google wants to make your cell phone’s screen disappear | Quartz

 colorcorrected-31Image Source: Quartz


“Google’s new idea could match the display color to the body of the phone using an electronically-controlled ‘color changing layer’ that sits between the glass on the phone and the phone’s display. This means if you had a bright green Nokia Lumia or a canary yellow iPhone 5c, the next version of your phone could be one solid block of green or yellow when the display is off. When you turn the display on, it would just look like a regular cellphone screen.”

Since Google has patented many ideas it hasn’t yet released as or within its products, there’s no telling whether we’ll actually see the feature used in any upcoming devices. If it is made available, do you think it would have a significant impact on the way we think about cellphone and mobile device design? Would you appreciate a phone with this feature? Comment and share your thoughts.