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A World-Leading Financial Firm Providing Over-the-Counter Electronic Trading Reached An Agreement With Market Communications To Extend The Service Life of Its IPC Alliance System Facing End-of-Life/End-of-Service December 31, 2017

The over-the-counter electronic trading firm signed with Market Communications as an alternative to pro-long the service life of their IPC Alliance system without compromise to system integrity and receiving SLA’s, of which, they’re accustomed to.  While not currently prepared to undergo a costly upgrade or system replacement, the firm now has the option to perform new technology evaluations and allocate funds that satisfy their timeline and budget.

They chose Market Communications because we have a proven track record of providing alternative maintenance service solutions since 1998.  We  have a full engineering staff and technicians able to performing MAC and relocation services, assisting in sweating assets and providing consulting services, as well as delivering new voice trading systems, recording systems and compliance technologies.

Market Communications will manage and support 7 Enterprise Alliance systems located throughout the domestic US comprising of over 170 IQMX turret positions.

To learn how Market Communications can help you extend the service life of your IPC Alliance or Etrali systems, please call or email us.